Thai Massage & Head Spa




Birthree CHAMPACA, born in Ho Chi Minh District 1,
is a Japanese-styleThai massage and head spa salon surrounded by fragrance,
inviting guests on a journey of sensitivity with three themes

“Healing” ” beauty”  and  “fragrance”.

But that is half the value of the services we provide.

Birthree CHAMPACA is a luxury spa where you can experience Japanese hospitality.

The excitement of entering the store

The joy you feel from the moment you enter the salon until you receive the service.

The excitement of having your hair and body transformed.

The feeling of wanting to share such an experience with someone else.

We want to value such invisible experiences of status.

Step into the world of CHAMPACA and enjoy a blissful time in a place
where vitality and tranquilityare perfectly blended and enjoy a blissful time in a place
that perfectly blends vitality and serenity.    

Luxurious healing and refined beauty surrounded by a fine fragrance.


Birthree CHAMPACA is a luxurious way to spend your precious time.

Experience the best healing while being surrounded by the most exquisite fragrance.
The best technique of Japanese traditional Thai massage & head spa and head spa using TOKIO brand products, relax and beautify your body and mind.


At Birthree CHAMPACA, our Japanese therapists have undergone rigorous education
and training to provide you with the most advanced techniques.

We offer the best in healing and beauty.

We welcome you with the spirit of Japanese hospitality and provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Please experience Thai massage & head spa to refresh your body and mind. 


Birthree CHAMPACA also offers a private room for two people.
Of course, men are also welcome to use this room,

Please spend a wonderful time with your loved one.

The healing space with attention to detail and the “CHAMMPACA” motif,
known as a sign of friendship with Vietnam, are just two examples of the quality of the restaurant’s service.

“CHAMMPACA” motif, Japanese hospitality and a heartwarming atmosphere.
We welcome our customers with Japanese hospitality and a heartwarming atmosphere.


Relaxation Massage




Our brand name “Bithree” expresses the fusion of three countries

“Japan” “Thailand” and “Vietnam”.

And also means that we want our customers to experience the three changes and be reborn as a new person.

Harmony of mind and body, reborn hair and body, and a rich flow of time.

We hope #Birthree will help you to have a richer self-care experience.

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