CHAMPACA”, which is the motif of our store, is known as a symbol of friendship between Japan and Vietnam.

It is also famous for being included in the world’s best-selling perfume.

Its attractive fragrance attracts many people.

We would like to express our respect for Vietnam and our many customers by offering our spa know-how cultivated in Japan to the Vietnamese market.

We have named our first spa “CHAMP” in honor of Vietnam and in the hope that it will attract many customers.

We hope you will enjoy your time at CHAMPACA to the fullest.

ROOM Guide

There are 3 areas in Birthree CHAPACA

Thai Massage Room

Head Spa Room

Aroma Room

Supervition Staff


Massage Therapist Director


Certified Aromatherapist Instructor.
She has been engaged in Thai massage and aroma massage for many years, including training at famous stores in Japan.

Appointed as Massage Therapist Director for technical guidance at Birthree CHAMPACA in 2023.

With HANA as a leader, Birthree Group aims to establish an authentic Japanese massage culture in Ho Chi Minh City.

DSC01189 (1)

Head Spanist Director


Independent freelance hair stylist with 25 years of experience since 2011.
Expert in all cutting, coloring, head spa and treatment techniques.

Appointed Head Spanist Director at Bithree CHAMPACA in 2023.

Combining TOKIO lineup with MASUDA’s unique techniques, and his unique techniques to improve the quality of hair to the highest level.

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